Gas Furnace Installation in Westminster, CO 80031

“I had a furnace service call with Wes Thursday. He was the technician on my previous call. Wes ws great professional explained all the options and worked to set up furnace replace for Friday. Lilian and Joanna we also great and responsive coordinating the call. Devon was the install lead he was on time professional explained all elements. I took my dog for a walk and when I returned I noticed the front door was sticking. I discovered that the bottom edge of the door and weather strip had been damaged. I pointed it out to Devon who placed a temporary repair on the door. He told me he would let Jim know and that he would make it right. The furnace and thermostat was finished and working well. The install team removed the A/C compressor in prep for the new one when weather and schedules permit. This morning (Saturday) it appears to me that the humidifier which was reinstalled is not working as well as it was beed working. Also when I went out to shovel snow I noticed that both of my side gates were left open. That probably occurred when the A/C compressor was removed. That by itself is not a huge issue. However I have a dog that I let out in the backyard and he could have easily left the yard which is a concern for me. The entire team worked hard to complete the service. Over all it was very good. Thank you.


– Ray C.