Lakewood, CO

Air Conditioning

Your air conditioning system in your Lakewood home plays an integral role in keeping you comfortable. Without a properly working air conditioning system, you will be left in heat and humidity, which can be intense over the summer here in Colorado. Instead of risking feeling uncomfortable in your own home, turn to Efficient Comfort for the cooling services you need to ensure your system is in top shape.

Whether you’re in need of replacement, installation, repairs, or maintenance, our experts can help with it all. We are committed to providing you with the solutions you need to achieve ideal indoor home comfort during any day of the year.

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Air Ducts

When you need expert air duct installation, replacement, or repairs in Lakewood, CO, look no further than our Efficient Comfort professionals. Our team is keen on details and providing exceptional service every time.

Enhance your indoor air quality (IAQ) and improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system with properly installed and maintained ductwork.

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Little is more bothersome than your boiler going out in the middle of the winter here in Lakewood, CO. Instead of risking the frustration, just give our Efficient Comfort boiler experts a call to schedule a maintenance visit. We will perform an inspection and ensure your boiler is in great condition. Need to replace your boiler before winter? We can take care of that too. For any and all boiler services, just reach out to our professionals—we would be happy to help!

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Commercial Services

Looking to have a brand new heating and cooling system installed at your commercial business in Lakewood, CO? Efficient Comfort has years of expertise and knowledge in providing a wide array of commercial services. Let our experts answer any questions you may have and help by installing a new system in your building and improving the indoor air quality (IAQ), allowing for better focus and increasing productivity as a result.

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Ductless Systems

With Efficient Comfort offering the best ductless system services in Lakewood, CO, you always get the proper heating and cooling you need for your home. Whether it’s installation for a brand new construction home you are looking for or it’s time to add an extra system in your current Lakewood home to ensure adequate heating and cooling, our professionals are the best team for the job.

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Leave all of your furnace needs for your Lakewood, CO, home to our Efficient Comfort professionals. We can provide a new furnace for your newly purchased home or replace your outdated furnace.

Is your furnace fairly new but making a strange sound or not heating properly? Our experts will take a look and provide the repair you need to have it working properly again.

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Heat Pumps

For top-quality heat pump installation in Lakewood, CO, Efficient Comfort has a team of professionals you can always trust. We are highly skilled and trained in all heat pump services so whether you need a replacement, repair, or maintenance, look no further.

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Indoor Air Quality

Looking for ways to improve the indoor air quality (IAQ) in your Lakewood, CO, home? Efficient Comfort has a number of different products and systems to help clean the air in your home.

Instead of breathing in contaminants all day long, breathe in fresh air to live healthier and focus better.

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Zone Control Systems

Imagine your Lakewood home being more energy efficient than ever before, resulting in significant savings on your heating and cooling costs. Adding a zone control system to your home could make this a reality, and Efficient Comfort wants to help.

Our experts will evaluate your home and go over the different options that will work for the needs and specifications of your home. We will provide the installation, and you will be left to experience optimal comfort inside your Lakewood, CO, home.

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Ductless Mini-Split Installation in Lakewood, CO 80228

“Reuben and Devin were awesome. Thanks guys!”
- Dave E.

Air Conditioner Repair in Lakewood, CO 80127

“6/29/2022 I noticed that our AC had been running for hours so I checked a vent and found the air coming out was not cold. I went outside and found that the fan was not running. My wife checked reviews for companies in our area and called Efficient Comfort. It was after hours so she left a message. We spent a long hot night that night. We were wondering if this was repairable or if replacement was required, and how long will it take to resolve. Before 9:00 the next morning we got a call from a very pleasant person who said someone could look into our problem between 12:00 and 4:00 that day. By 11:15 I received at text saying that Chuck was on the way, picture included. A few minutes before 12:00 Chuck arrived and introduced himself. I told him that the AC air was not cold and the fan outside was not running. He said “Let’s take a look”. He removed the fuses next to the AC unit and then removed a side cover on the AC unit. He said “Your run capacitor is bad, I don’t even need to test it.” I asked why and he explained that the top and bottom of the capacitor were originally flat not domed. He went to his truck and returned with a replacement. He told me what the cost of replacement would be and I said “Great, do it”. The night before I had researched possible causes of my problem and potential costs. The cost was right on expected average cost. He installed the capacitor and put the AC unit back together while we talked about the condition of my 17 year old system and what I could expect in the future. I asked him about what I should expect cost wise when system replacement was required. He gave me ball park cost on a couple of different scenarios and suggested their semi-annual maintenance program, but didn’t pressure. After a total of about 7 minutes since he arrived the AC was working again. He tested the temp of the air coming out, it was slightly better than expected. We handled the payment exercise, then he wanted to look at the furnace room. He inspected the air filter, said it was the recommended type and that we should replace it a little more often. He noticed that there was paper towel wrapped around the humidifier drain pipe. I told him that was left over from a couple years ago when it got clogged and backed up. I cut and replaced a portion of the PVC drain pipe I wrapped the paper towel around the pipe so I ‘d know if the fix worked. He said that he would have put a “T” in the drain pipe and used compressed air to blow out the clog. I ended up getting my AC fixed in less than 24 hours for a reasonable price, got good advice about what to expect concerning future repairs, and eventual replacement. Chuck was professional, honest, and didn’t try to up sell me. Thanks Chuck. I will work with Efficient Comfort again in the future.”
- John J.